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Tim and Deanna Treadway became "living history" as they traveled back in time to 1875 and build a homestead just like our pioneer forefathers. They experienced tremendous "real-life" adversities of flood, fire, crop failures, sick animals, rotting food, relentless mosquitoes, poison ivy, wood ticks and 'no toilet paper', yet "stuck it out". They also experienced serenity, community, and hard-won successes.

Tim and Deanna have begun a Bed & Breakfast in their log home on beautiful Black Sturgeon Lake, Kenora, ON.
(2 1/2 hours from Winnipeg, MB as well as International Falls, MN)
Come and spend some time with us enjoying swimming, canoeing, nature walks, fishing and in the winter skiing and snowmobiling.



For more information contact us at 807-548-4476, or E-mail us at: